Class description

Energetic Flow – Challenging hatha flow that combines balancing postures, back bends and inversions, with a challenging Surya Namaskara vinyasa flow.  Advanced prenatal practitioner accommodated.  MONDAYS 9:30 am at Nature’s Whisper Yoga

Vinyasa 1 & 2 – Mid level class with modifications to push a student or help them learn.  Be ready to challenge yourself, sweat out the toxins, and have fun! Prenatal accommodated. MONDAYS 6:30 pm at Lotus Sancturary

Afternoon Delight – All levels slow flow class focused on alignment and deep stretches.  End with an aromatherapy svasana.  Perfect to unwind after a long day of work.  Prenatal accommodated.  TUESDAYS 4:30 pm at Lokavindu Yoga

Rise & Shine – Intermediate to advance vinyasa flow, with core exercises, balancing poses, back bends & inversions.  Start your day with intense energy!  Advanced prenatal practitioner accommodated.  THURSDAYS 9:30 am at Lokavindu Yoga

Restorative Flow – Begin class with a deep flow building the fire slowly as you transition to long deep holds of restorative postures.  Ending class with deep relaxation.  All levels.  Prenatal accommodated.  THURSDAYS 7:30 pm at Nature’s Whisper Yoga

Yoga at the Park – All levels outdoor vinyasa flow class.   Join our FREE class and enjoy the views of the bay in beautiful De Anza Cove, Mission Bay Park.  Prenatal accommodated.  SATURDAYS 9:00 am

Buddha Baby – Is a postnatal class designed to connect with your baby while connecting back to your body. 20 minutes of baby yoga and massage for digestion and the remainder of class is focused on mom or dad.  SATURDAYS 12:00 pm at Nature’s Whisper Yoga



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